The DIY Fail: Lip Tint

In my journey to become more conscious of what goes into and onto my body, I started searching for DIY beauty product recipes. It started mostly with wanting a simple lip tint, so I Googled, then got sucked into the world of Pinterest. Look at my DIY lip balm! Look at my DIY deodorant! Look at my DIY shaving cream! All natural! No chemicals! What a win. The power is mine, the knowledge is mine, plus I love craftsy things, so I was excited to get to DIY-ing. But alas.


Ouch, Burn!

I got an ice cube and held it against the burn as I Googled the best essential oils for a burn wound. Normally, I would immediately grab for Germolene, an all-in-one antiseptic ointment for cuts, abrasions, minor burns, and bites and stings, slap on a thick layer, and bandage it up. But, as you know, I've been trying to live more naturally. And this time nature bit me in the butt.